The Auckland Primary Teacher Education Collaborative (APTEC) is a joint venture by 18 Auckland primary and intermediate schools. This initiative was launched with the purpose of providing a high quality teacher education experience, with the ultimate goal of turning out graduates who are ready for the challenges of classroom practice. 

As part of the programme student teachers spend their time completing theory papers through the University of Waikato and working in schools. Schools cover the cost of university fee, provide a financial contribution to living costs, and in some cases employ student teachers. 

There are two pathways to choose from. The first is the graduate pathway. This is for prospective teachers  that already hold a degree. Graduate students complete an intensive one year programme starting in January and finishing in December. The second pathway is the degree pathway. This pathway is for those prospective teachers who do not hold a degree. This training takes three years. 

For more information about the programmes please see the FAQ section or contact the school you would like to apply to.